Venison Naan Flatbread

This is a great dish that can serve as an appetizer, or main course. You may use whatever venison you have leftover, such as thinly sliced steak. I used smoked back strap, in this case. Watch the naan closely as it bakes as it goes from underdone to overdone quickly. Naan can be found in … Continue reading Venison Naan Flatbread


Cheesy Barbeque Venison Meatloaf

When some people think of meatloaf, they think of an over cooked, dry brick of flavorless meat. This meatloaf is anything but. I am not a huge fan of ground venison since it lacks the fat for burger cohesion. We can only eat so much venison chilli, and I prefer whole chunks of meat anyway. … Continue reading Cheesy Barbeque Venison Meatloaf