Mississippi Roast

Is this a picture of the primative arm that brought down the beast from which this roast was carved? Nope, the picture has nothing to do with this recipe. Kind of. The picture is of a long rifle kit I built a few years ago in a style known as a Kentucky rifle. This style is/was also known as a Pennsylvania rifle.  I strongly considered renaming this recipe I found online (for beef, cough cough) to Pennsylavania roast until I remembered the perpetual pain from having Kentucky steal my home state’s style of long rifle. Since Mississippi pretty much only has Faith Hill and The Lost Cause, I won’t steal this roast recipe from their small toolbox of pride.

Prep Time: 7 minutes


  • Venison roast
  • Packet of Au Jus mix
  • Packet of Hidden Valley ranch dip mix
  • About 10 pickled pepper rings
  • Half stick to full stick of butter
  • Splash of water

Place the roast in the crockpot. Since venison roast tends to be small, I recommend 1/2 packet of each mix and half a stick of butter since using the complete packet can lead to an overly salty meat. If you use two small roasts, use the full mix and full stick of butter. Sprinkle the mixes on top of the roasts, spread the pepper rings on top, and place the butter on top of it all. Put crockpot on low for about 8 hours. I like to pull the roast apart so it absorbs all the buttery sauce deliciousness prior to serving.

The pepper rings above were placed as a garnish as they tend to disintegrate during cooking.


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